Beer is our business.

We have been serving our beers to consumers all over the world since the founding of our first brewery in 1613.

Denninghoffs started with the export department in 1968 and have been evolving ever since. Growing from a classic brewery into an independent supplier of German beers brewed in accordance to the Bavarian purity law from 1516. We supply the world with our own brands and beers or private labels.

Our target is to be one of the most flexible supplier in the beer business. Our competence to create a private label is a vital part of that goal. We are able to supply all German beer styles.

Our main brand Denninghoffs is always ready for you.

We are proud to be one of the most flexible partner in business. Beginning with order size and flexibility of mixed orders in one box. Our products leave Germany in best quality and we make sure that they arrive in the same excellent condition at their destination.

Best ingredients


The perfect brewing water! The water is one of the important factors when it comes to an outstanding taste. Just like the special yeast that is well cultivated. The excellent hops in our beers come exclusively from the world famous Hallertau region in Bavaria. It is the largest hop area in the world. The barley is the best 2-row barley.

Als Brauerei tragen wir Verantwortung und setzen uns im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen für den verantwortungsbewussten Umgang mit alkoholhaltigen Getränken ein.

Die folgenden Seiten enthalten Werbeinformationen zu alkoholischen Getränken

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