We are proud of our tradition

Our brewing roots go back 400 years back to the year 1613. As the founder of Kronenbrauerei Haubach in the family Wängler exercised the brewing and baking industry.

First for its own needs then later in the 19th century to be produced industrially.

The oldest previously line of ancestors Haubach is originally from the area of Frankenstein in Silesia Family Wängler . They were able to be detected until the end of the 15th century, where they were well-off compatriots. In 1566 emigrated David Wängler, who called himself Pareus, reformed faith due to Heidelberg , today’s corporate headquarters. Pareus was a very famous professor of theology and rector of the old German university in Heidelberg. There is documentary evidence that in 1613 , before nearly 400 years Lukas Wängler learned bakers and brewers craft and by his marrying in Family Krehe the even older bakers and brewers tradition continiued led.

At the end of the 19th century, nearly every place of a certain size in Germany had its own brewery. Realising the sales potential of beer in the Giessen area, entrepreneur Adolf Denninghoff decided to build a modern brewery between the Marktplatz and the Marburger Straße in 1899. When the Giessen Brewhouse was planning to relocate from the town centre to the edge of the town in the seventies, traces of a Roman fort were discovered on the new site in Wieseck. The new building that evolved from 1976 to 1978 housed Hessen’s most modern brewery. From the laboratory to the production line, the company was able to install, without compromise, the best brewing and plant technology.

The world of beer has diversified

Until the nineties, beer lovers tended to stick with one brand. And even then, you were either a Pils or an Export drinker. For a few weeks in winter you were able to get heavy Doppelbock – and that was enough for beer drinkers. But times have changed. Today’s beer drinkers are open to new trends, they are curious to see what else the art of brewing is able to come up with. Heavy or light, top- or bottom-fermented, with or without alcohol, with Coke, lemonade or even whisky. Bavarians are drinking Kölsch (a very pale ale from Cologne), Hessians are drinking wheat beer – the world of beer has become more rich and varied.

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